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My Five Month Old reviews Lovevery "The Charmer Kit"

I know you have all seen the ads of Lovevery or seen it as an option on your baby registry. My father-in-law decided to buy Kamil the subscription so we wanted to review it for you all. This is the review on "The Charmer". This Kit is for 3-4 months old. Kamil is 5 months, but there are some things that we believe he'd be interested in, so that's why we started with this box. Every 2 months when we get a box, we will be reviewing it to let you know if he is still playing with the objects from the old box, or if he moves on!

According to , "Your baby may start to recognize your face—cooing at you, smiling, and delighting everyone they meet. This Play Kit is designed to let your baby explore with their mouth, eyes, and hands as their personality emerges and their social awareness grows."

  • Develop speech and oral motor strength

  • Encourage social awareness

  • Practice using both sides of the brain

  • Make the most of tummy time

My First Impressions

I loved that they are truly taking the guesswork out of playtime. As a new mom I truly don't know what my son is supposed to be doing, how long is he supposed to be playing, and how often he should playing. As soon as I open the box, there is a roadmap with when your baby should be playing with each toy. Instead of us just throwing the toys on the floor and seeing what they do, we have a guide. I really loved the quality of the products as well. It seemed very well made and my favorite thing is that it's aesthetically pleasing.

Initial Test

So, we tested it out by giving him each toy one by one to see what he was most interested in. He put everything in his mouth first. As you can see in the YouTube video below, he didn't look at the mirror at first but went back after a while and he seemed to really enjoy that! He also loved the different teethers. We will give you all an update in the review of the next kit we review!

Pros and Cons

Lets start with the CONS:

  • Pricing ( It costs $80 per kit, and every kit lasts 2 months)

  • Lots of toys and items. Since these kits come with a lot of items, your house may turn into a toy house lol. ( In my opinion, if you have a toy chest or a storage area, this wouldn't be a con.)

Let's get into the PROS:

  • Pricing - If you add this as the only toy on your registry, people can contribute to or buy this instead of a toy your child may or may not even like.

  • Intentionality - it takes the guesswork out of playtime, which means you are having meaningful and intentional playtimes.

  • Partner led playtime - This one is big for us because I am breastfeeding from boob to baby. He hates bottles hahah but that's a blog for another day. My husband is able to engage and bond with Kamil through playtime. My husband is a very analytical person so he's able to read about what each toy will do for Kamil and play with him accordingly, while I sleep or get other work done. Win-Win-Win.

  • Variety - There are so many toys and objects so your child will not get bored, which I've noticed can happen around 3 - 5 months.

  • Ease of use - Everything is well labeled and organized. We feel Kamil immediately knows what to do!

  • One stop shop - we love that when it comes to playtime, they have everything!

The Final Score

We will do our ratings out of 5. We rate it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ! We recommend it and hope you will try it and let us know. Check out our video review on Youtube and if you want to get it please use our affiliate link because it's nice and we convinced you to get it! Hahaha!


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