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Discover the Sweet Sensation: OMG Squee in Austin, Texas


In the vibrant city of Austin, Texas, a delightful dessert place has taken social media by storm. OMG Squee, located at 4607 Bolm Rd Suite A, Austin, TX 78702, has become a TikTok sensation, drawing attention with its mouthwatering gluten-free desserts, ice creams, macarons, and refreshing drinks like Thai tea. Join us as we dive into our unforgettable experience at this popular establishment.

Arrival and Parking:

Upon arriving at OMG Squee, we found parking to be limited. However, our visit on a Monday evening around 7:45 PM worked out well, as many neighboring businesses were closed, allowing us to use their parking spaces. It's important to note that if you're willing to wait for parking, the sweet rewards that await you inside are worth it.

Treats and Flavors:

As we entered the cozy dessert haven, we were greeted by a bustling crowd. Fortunately, there was ample seating available, and we managed to secure a spot before the line extended out the door. The interior of OMG Squee offers numerous opportunities for stunning photos, with people dressed in florals and pink taking full advantage of the picturesque ambiance.

Delicious Discoveries:

The highlight of our visit was undoubtedly the ice cream. We opted for the "Ube" ice cream, which comes with a unique twist—a filling in the cone that's reminiscent of a crunchy, break-like texture. Personally, I chose to enjoy the ice cream without any additional fillings, allowing the flavors to speak for themselves. Accompanying my ice cream was a delectable creme brule macaron, which was exceptionally good. One of the popular options on the menu is the UBE flavor, which we found to be absolutely amazing.

Taste Sensations:

As we savored our treats at OMG Squee, we were delighted by the explosion of flavors. The Ube ice cream, as mentioned before, was simply amazing. Its distinct purple hue and rich, creamy texture were a true delight for the taste buds. Each spoonful transported us to a world of sweet indulgence. The Ube flavor had a subtle nutty undertone, making it unique and memorable.

Not to be outdone, the Thai Tea was a hit with my husband. Its perfectly balanced blend of fragrant tea and creamy sweetness left him thoroughly satisfied. The hint of spices added a touch of complexity to the beverage, making it a refreshing and flavorful choice.

Sharing the Sweet Experience:

It's always a joy to witness the pure delight on a child's face when they experience something new and delicious. With my toddler in tow, we decided to let him try the Ube ice cream. To our delight, he couldn't contain his excitement with each spoonful. His face lit up, and he danced with joy after every taste. It was a heartwarming moment that added an extra layer of joy to our visit.

Capture the Moment:

OMG Squee not only offers delectable treats but also creates an atmosphere that allows visitors of all ages to savor and enjoy their sweet creations. Whether you're a fan of unique flavors like Ube or crave the comforting familiarity of Thai Tea, this dessert haven has something to please every palate.

OMG Squee not only satisfies your sweet tooth but also provides a backdrop for stunning and feminine photos. The beautiful aesthetics of the place, combined with people dressed in floral attire, create an ideal setting for a photo shoot. From colorful treats to charming decor, every corner offers a photo opportunity that will make your social media followers swoon.

A Note on Messiness:

It's important to handle the ice cream with care, as it can be quite messy. The staff provides white cardboard containers to help contain any potential spills, so be sure to utilize them. Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way and ended up making a bigger mess than anticipated.


If you find yourself in Austin, Texas, and have a hankering for delightful gluten-free desserts, ice creams, and macarons, a visit to OMG Squee is a must. From their mouthwatering ice cream flavors to the deliciously satisfying macarons, this viral sensation lives up to its online reputation. Just remember to be patient with parking, enjoy the stunning photo opportunities, and embrace the messiness of indulging in their delightful treats.

OMG Squee embraces the allure of Ube by offering Ube ice cream as one of their standout flavors. Ube is a vibrant purple yam originating from the Philippines, known for its unique flavor and eye-catching color. Its natural sweetness and nutty undertones make it a perfect ingredient for desserts, particularly ice cream. So, when you visit OMG Squee in Austin, Texas, be sure to savor the enchanting flavor of Ube ice cream and indulge in this purple-hued delight that carries the essence of Filipino culinary tradition.

OMG Squee is a dessert lover's paradise that promises a sweet experience you won't soon forget. So, whether you're looking to indulge in exceptional desserts yourself, satisfy your taste for Thai Tea, or create memorable moments for your little ones, OMG Squee in Austin, Texas, is the place to be. Don't miss the chance to experience these delightful treats that will leave you craving more and dancing with joy.


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