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Why I am using Byte after 3 years of Braces!

Okay this one is a Story Time

On June 27,2016 I basically decided to get braces because my adult tooth grew on top of my baby tooth which was sideways. My baby tooth was basically biting me. At the time I was a contractor and did not have Dental insurance. Needless to say , I was desperate for relief and went ahead with the plan. The cost was $5,000 and I saved up monthly to pay , and I was so excited to see my new smile Chile 😂😂😂 .

I remember coming home from a work trip , working 84 hours and rushing to my dentist in the morning since I broke a bracket on smoked Turkey. ( Don’t judge me lol)

First of all, I was in for a rude awakening, the logo on the office was different, and the staff was different. I asked for my dentist and they let me know he sold his practice. My mouth was on the floor. I told him I had been paying cash and I didn’t keep all my receipts, they told me they do not have my record and I would have to pay for a consultation, and essentially start over. My stomach sank to my feet.I kept those broken brackets in for 1 year looking for my dentist. My now husband paid $500 to get them taken off after a year of my wild goose hunt!

One of the things I put on my vision board was , “ Finish what you start!” So this has been such a sour topic but I decided to finish my smile process! This will make me feel more confident and feel like I didn’t waste money to be unhappy! I’m going to be sharing my uncut experience with Byte and I Hope you join my on my journey!

If you’re more of a video kind of person watch my YouTube!

First things first let's compare

As You can see, Byte is the best option for a lot of reasons. So when I was doing my research this is why I decided to partner with them.

I ordered the first impressions kit it came within days, which obviously is exciting. Here's a couple tips I learned after doing my impression kit. 1. Allocate about 30 minutes to get this done, for me , I took about 45 minutes because I was taking my time and making sure to read the instructions. There is a QR code, with a 3 minute video I could have read , but you know "millennials" haha.

2. You will drool, lol so skip the makeup if possible and be comfortable

3. Take pictures because you're going to want to see your growth.

If you want to try it out for $19.00 Please check out this link use code OLORITRINI ! If you decide to join your Byte journey with me, you will be on my #BytewithOlori gang and we will do it together! Please tag me in all your Byte journey pics and stories for a repost! Thank You for reading my mini story time and if you have any questions, meet me in the comments section.


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