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Arrive Austin: A Hidden Gem for Girls Getaways, But Not Quite Family-Friendly


Recently, my family and I had the opportunity to revisit Arrive Austin, located at 1813 E 6th St, during our trip to Austin, Texas. I had previously experienced a positive stay at this hotel in 2020 when I visited with my Bestfriend. With fond memories in mind, I was excited to return to Arrive Austin. However, our most recent stay turned out to be a mixed experience, with both positive and negative aspects worth mentioning. In this blog post, I will provide a detailed account of our stay at Arrive Austin, highlighting the key aspects that influenced our overall impression of the hotel.

Booking and Arrival:

We booked a balcony room at Arrive Austin for a Sunday night stay, coinciding with Memorial Day. Considering the holiday weekend, the room rate of $202 felt reasonable. Our journey from Houston to Austin was smooth and quick, taking approximately 2 and a half hours with no traffic delays. We appreciated the convenient location, as it allowed us to reach the hotel effortlessly. Prior to our arrival, we received a text message from the hotel inquiring about our estimated time of arrival. I took this opportunity to inquire about the availability of a crib for our toddler. Unfortunately, the response from the hotel staff regarding the crib was less than satisfactory, suggesting that we purchase one from a nearby Target. A more helpful and understanding response would have been appreciated.

Check-In and Initial Impressions:

Upon arrival, we noticed that the hotel staff members at the front desk were not wearing name tags, which made it difficult to address them properly. As I checked in, I specifically asked if the room assigned to me was the balcony room I had booked. Surprisingly, the front desk worker had to retrieve a different key and switch it with the one initially provided. It was puzzling as to why they were initially not going to assign me the room I had paid for. However, they did offer a welcome drink upon entry, which was a nice gesture. The front desk staff appeared tired, and their lack of smiles might have been due to the long day they had, or perhaps it was the nature of their demeanor.

Room Condition and Housekeeping:

Upon entering our room, we immediately noticed that it had not been thoroughly cleaned. The presence of dust was evident, as it rose visibly when my toddler dropped something on the floor. Furthermore, we discovered a cup with water in it and a stain on one of the pillows. Disappointed by the lack of cleanliness, I promptly shared pictures and a video of the issues with the hotel's contact number. The response I received acknowledged the problem, but unfortunately, the housekeeping staff had already left for the day. While they offered drink tickets and complimentary parking, I expected a more proactive solution, such as moving us to a different room.

Customer Service and Resolution:

Unsatisfied with the initial response, we decided to personally visit the front desk to address the cleanliness issue. Surprisingly, the staff mentioned that there was nothing more they could do, apart from offering drink tickets and free valet. However, I persisted and requested an extra pillowcase and a broom to address the cleanliness concerns myself. While they looked at me oddly when I mentioned the broom, they eventually sent someone to change the pillowcase and address the visible dust. Unfortunately, upon closer inspection, we discovered additional dirtiness, including hair in the shower drain. This further underscored our disappointment with the housekeeping standards.

Additional Amenities and Noise Level:

During our stay, the hotel hosted a Sofar Sounds concert, which was complimentary for guests. Regrettably, we were unable to attend as we had dinner plans elsewhere. Nonetheless, we appreciated the concept and believed it could have been a great experience. It is important to note that the hotel's location is surrounded by bars, resulting in a high noise level until around 2:30 AM. While this is not entirely the hotel's fault, it does indicate that Arrive Austin might not be the most family-friendly establishment.

Departure and Final Thoughts:

During the check-out process, I took the opportunity to once again express my dissatisfaction with the room's cleanliness to another staff member. This time, the response was more understanding and apologetic. The staff member acknowledged the dust visible in the photos and offered a $100 deduction from our bill as compensation. While the gesture was appreciated, I still would have preferred a new room to ensure a satisfactory experience. I must mention that Marti, the staff member who handled our concerns during check-out, was exceptional in her attentiveness and willingness to resolve the issue.

Overall Impression and Recommendation:

Considering our mixed experience at Arrive Austin, I believe it is best suited for single travelers, couples, or groups on a girls' trip, particularly those who wish to be close to various attractions and enjoy the aesthetic appeal of the hotel. The location allows for easy exploration of the city, whether by scooter or ride-sharing services. However, it is important to note that Arrive Austin does not have a pool, and the valet service comes with an additional fee of $38. Based on our experience, I personally would not choose to stay at Arrive Austin again. However, it is worth noting that the hotel management, through Marti, demonstrated a commitment to addressing issues and improving guest experiences. For those considering a stay at Arrive Austin, I recommend contacting the hotel directly to discuss any specific concerns and preferences before making a reservation.


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